Episode XLv- Vivek Bajaj, Co-Founder of StockEdge

Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge impressed and convinced the crème de la crème of the VC universe to invest in his company, which was bootstrapped for a decade while charting impressive growth!

Today StockEdge is India’s fastest-growing equity market and mutual fund research platform!

Key takeaways from the episode

  • What was Vivek’s role in JM financials? What was it like being the first commodity analyst for the firm andwhat led him to realise it was time to leave and start his trading desk?  
  • What was it like to come back to Kolkata and start trading desk? What was the feedback Vivek received?
  • What does Kredent mean? What were his key responsibilities here?  
  • What was the thought process behind launching different startups together?  
  • What does Elearnmarkets do? Why did Vivek pursue a freemium model and how did he manage to achieve a 3x growth rate during this period?  
  • Where does Stockedge come in? What’s the difference between Elearnmarkets and StockEdge? How is Stockedge benefiting traders and investors?  
  • Did Vivek face any challenges post the covid outbreak? What was the feeling like when StockEdge got over 2 million app downloads on the play store and app store combined?  
  • What was the need for Vivek to raise money? How did he get  an ace investor like Ramesh Damani to invest in his startup? How does Vivek choose which strategic investor to get on board and when to bring them? How does he safely say no to investors?  
  • What was the thought process like making a deal with Kotak securities? How did the deal happen?  
  • What are the opportunities for Kredent as a brand? Where does Vivek see StockEdge in the next 5 years? What are the most common mistakes people make while investing? What are Vivek’s thoughts on the market, and how has he positioned his startup?

Vivek’s book recommendations:

  • Zero to One by Blake Masters and Peter Thiel
  • Bloomberg by Bloomberg by Mike Bloomberg
  • Modern Monopolies by Alex Moazed