Episode XXXviii- Munaf Kapadia, Founder of The Bohri Kitchen

This week on the Damani Talks episode, we had Munaf Kapadia joining us. Munaf is an entrepreneur, writer, digital marketing maverick, and the founder and “Chief Eating Officer” (CEO) at The Bohri Kitchen.

Munaf and Nafisa Kapadia have been instrumental in making The Bohri Kitchen a household name. This mother-son duo made Bohri cuisine famous by inviting patrons to their home on weekends, to enjoy home-cooked Bohri meals in a traditional Thaal.

Key takeaways from this episode

  • What was Munaf’s goal post-graduation at that time? How did his education help you in your entrepreneurial journey?
  • What was Munaf’s role at Google? Landing a job at Google is a dream for most people; how did he get hold of this? What triggered Munaf to leave a well-paying job at the multinational giant and hack it out as an entrepreneur? What was Munaf’s most significant takeaway from his journey with Google?
  • What was the idea behind TBK at the initial outset? How did Munaf go about getting your first set of customers?
  • How did Munaf spread the word into the Bollywood community? How did Munaf go about opening 6 delivery kitchen outlets in Mumbai? What were some of the biggest challenges?
  • How did the pandemic affect his business? What is the business model currently? What was the thought behind raising outside capital? If Munaf could change anything in his journey, what would it be?
  • Why did Munaf decide to shift his focus from TBK and look for a full-time job? What is the shift like from being the founder of a company to working for a fast-food giant like McDonald’s?